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5 Dumbbell Exercises to Get a Flat Stomach

Dumbbell Exercises

Dumbbell Exercises

Losing fat from the belly region seems to the one of the biggest problems for many. Unless you are naturally toned and require minimal effort, you need to work out a lot to keep your stomach area in shape. The majority of people try sit-ups or crunches to burn fat from their belly area. However, you can also lose belly fat by doing workouts which target various muscle groups other than the stomach and these can also give you effective results. You can find these to be excellent additions to your exercise regimen and get results very quickly too.

This is one of the most effective workouts, with dumbbells and even without them. However, the additional weight can make this exercise more difficult to carry out. Hence, the effectuality is better. You should ensure that the weight does not become too heavy for you to make you go more down and break the proper form while exercising.

Chest presses
Holding one in each hand, lie down on an exercise bench. Hold them and bend your elbows by the side of your chest. Press them up with both hands until your arms are fully straight. During each press, you need to breathe out. Slowly bring the dumbbells back to the original position. Although this is mainly a workout for the chest, this will help you burn fat from the whole body – including the belly region. Within a few weeks, you will find your stomach muscles getting a more toned appearance.

You can put more effectiveness into your crunches with this type of exercise equipment. You can either place the dumbbell on the chest or hold it behind the head. It is recommended that you place them over the chest rather than holding them against the head as doing the latter will only cause you to bend forward and put your neck under the risk of being strained. With regular crunches in this way, you can have a more toned stomach.

Chest flies
This involves lying down on a stability ball and doing a wide range of workouts with dumbbells to exercise your shoulders, back, triceps and chest. You can try doing chest flies as it they bring your chest muscles into action and make your stomach more toned in appearance. You can follow this up with tricep extensions and other workouts. Muscle and fitness online show these very well

Bicep Curls
These target the bicep muscles and also place your abdominal muscles under a slight amount of strain. You can stand on a bosu ball at the time of doing bicep curls, which would need you to make use of the stabilizing muscles in the abdominal region. This will provide you with double benefit with a single workout. There is no special way needed, you can perform the curls in an ordinary manner. Simply curl your arms up to the biceps. Do not use your back muscles to pull the pieces or tilt your body in any way, or this will ruin the overall effect of the workout.

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Bike Trainers – Types and Advantages of Using Them

Trainers for bikes

Trainers for bikes

Indoor bike trainers, pieces of equipment which allow you to cycle your way to fitness indoors, is fast becoming one of the most preferred exercise tools for many people the world over. This tool simulates cycling in outdoor environment but you do not need to move anywhere. You can exercise from the comforts of your own apartment, house or condo. Even when the weather gets too cold to move outside, you will not have to fear missing out on your workouts and can stay in shape no matter what happens outside.

Types of Bike Trainer Equipment

When you are looking for the best bike trainer equipment, there are two kinds that you can choose from – mechanical resistance trainers and resistance cycle trainers. The latter one is more preferable and you can choose from three main styles for yourself:

  1. Magnetic bike trainers – These come with adjustable magnets and you can enjoy a noiseless ride as the motion of the wheels is limited.
  2. Wind trainers – These can be quite noisy and these are fitted with a fan which offer only low resistance levels.
  3. Fluid trainers – These offer a smooth ride as they come with turbines having a silicon fluid-filled casing and offering non-slip resistance to users. But these are more expensive than the other types of trainers you can find in the market.
  4. There is an interesting picture on wiki of a bike trainer.

Advantages of a Bike Trainer

These trainers can offer you the following advantages:

  1. Training for cycling – Whether you are a pro cyclist or an amateur one, you can use these to train on season as well as off season. This equipment is mobile and you can use it easily in your house as well as hotel room or about anywhere you can fit it. These are perfect to keep your body in shape and train particular areas of your body.
  2. Staying healthy – These offer you a perfect way to stay healthy. If you do not like to go to the gym or jog every morning or cycle on the road, this simple indoor trainer will help you to work out as well as stay motivated and healthy. You may set the equipment before a TV to keep yourself entertained and keep your mind engaged while your body works hard to lose the unwanted pounds. You will also be able to get specialized DVDs which offer particular workouts ranging from moderate to intense in nature.
  3. Losing Weight – Other than keeping fit, you can also lose some real sweat with these machines and lose weight and calories in an effective manner. Given the fact the trainer comes with a resistance mechanism, you will be able to adjust the resistance amount to give yourself a more intense workout. You can slowly progress from moderate to more and more intense with time and build your fitness levels.

You can get these trainers in a wide range, which begin from as low as $150 and can go to as high as $2,000 for the extremely advanced and functional ones.