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Landscaping is an interesting process that can add more value to your home. It will enhance the curb appeal of your dwelling. However, you should cover the bases and pull together a clean plan. Landscaping in Toronto is a wonderful project with many possibilities and opportunities. In fact, the project requires municipal restrictions and permits too. Before you plan for landscaping in Toronto, you must make sure all important permits and possible restrictions are cleared perfectly.

With this being said, here is a quick walk through few enticing principles in Landscaping in Toronto. The next few points will prepare you for the big project.

Types of Projects: Major Or Minor?

There are several different types of landscaping projects in Toronto. Based on the kind of project you are ought to work on, you should submit a landscaping application. Two common landscaping projects in Toronto include “Major” and “Minor”.

  • Major landscaping projects extend more than 2 m, when measured from the surface of the boulevard. This is where basement entrances, sidewalk constructions, piling and shoring are handled.
  • Minor landscaping projects don’t extend 1.2 to 2 meters from the adjoining boulevard. These are simple projects that handle the sprinkler systems, driveways, decorating walls, hedges and walkways.

A Proficient Plan

Secondly, you should draft a clean drawing for the entire project. The drawings should look like blueprints that are pulled together during construction projects. According to experts, these drawings should fall in line with municipality standards. The structural features, fire, safety and zoning standards must be followed properly. You will need at least five to twenty days to get the drawings approved. If you are new to the world of landscaping, request a professional to draft the permit drawings. They will make sure your drawing gets approved without any hassles or tussles.

Fencing: An enticing Move

Landscaping in Toronto will remain incomplete without proper fencing. By default, fences are required to delight your homes with more privacy and closeness. It will prevent trespassers from accessing your lawn or garden. Above all, beautiful fences will increase your yard’s aesthetic appeal.

You will be astounded to note that Toronto has a standard collection of rules and fencing permits. For example, fences in Toronto should be 1.2m tall or lesser. On the other hand, the structures should not be more than 1.0m tall; if two public highways are located within 70m from the fence.

Get the Trees Right

A very important element in landscaping projects would be the “Trees”. Just like fences, trees should be planted with lots of care and concern. Based on the tree’s overall trunk, it should maintain a predestined distance from the main road. Above all, the trees should have sufficient space for growth. The growth of trees should not be obstructed. At all times, your landscaping project must fall in line with the rules and regulations bestowed by Toronto’s Urban Forestry Department.

Regardless of how big or expensive your landscaping project is; it must not break the city’s bylaws or limitations.

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