HEALTH @ Teragram Ballroom, LA - 12/12/2015

You know, the Downtown Los Angeles is planning to create a new concert venue. It is one of the latest projects from the team behind Mercury Lounge and New York’s Bowery Ballroom, along with the Broadway Bar’s Joe Baxley. This venue has 9,000 square foot space that has the capacity to accommodate 600 people for the event.

This venue is situated outside of the downtown’s center and it is located in the place called West Lake. As it has a large space, almost all the bands used to select the Teragram Ballroom. Here people can enjoy the show without any disturbance of the crowd. Like Mercury Lounge and Bowery Ballroom, this venue is working outside of the mega concert machine. Ensure that, it is not affiliated with corporate concert groups such as AEG Live and Live Nation; when it comes to the matter booking they are building the booking office above the theater.

Excellent Amenities provided by Teragram Ballroom

  • Buy tickets to a Telegram Ballroom show

When it comes to buying the tickets for the show, you have 2 options, either you can buy the tickets by making a call to the Ticketmaster or you can buy the tickets online. In case, if the tickets are not sold in advance, they will sell them at the door on the night of the show.

  • Age limits to take entry into the club

For most of the shows, you have to complete the age of 18+, for some, you have to complete 16+ and some other show you have to complete the age of 21+. So it is better to examine out the show page to know the age limits of the individual to view the Telegram Ballroom shows.

  • Payment options

Cash is the king for the Teragram Ballroom venue, for the convenience of the people they also accept the Visa, MasterCard, and American Express at bars.

  • Camera

Photo policy usually differs for the various artists and it is actually not decided until the day of the show. You can bring the non-professional camera to most of the shows and in case if you want to shoot the show, then you have to inform the authorities well in advance.

  • Smoking and Drinks

In the Teragram ballroom venue, smoking is not allowed inside, but they offer a smoking section outside the venue. They offer a number of bars with the sufficient amount of soft drinks and H2O along with the large choices of spirits, wine, and beers.

  • Parking facility

This venue also offers the parking facility for the convenience of the people.

  • Handicap accessibility

If you are physically handicapped and you need a special assistance, then you have to inform in advance. For those people seating arrangements are available.

  • Proof required entering the show

You must have Government –issued photo ID to get entry to the shows.

The Teragram Ballroom venue is gaining so much in popularity because it has ample space to perform and also for the viewers. These days, most of the National and international shows perform in this venue.